Hate generates hate

I do not know if anyone agrees with me, but lately I have noticed there is a lot of hate everywhere… Television news, newspaper articles, blogs, social media and even on radio.  Hate…  It’s a strong sentiment!  Interestingly, it’s an emotion opposite of love.  Coincidentally, it has 4 letters too!   Heart is like a room with one switch.  It either flicks to hate or love.  If you enter a dark room and flick the light switch on, darkness disappears.  Similarly, by entering love in your heart, hate – a form of darkness, will disappear.   Hate is also like an atom bomb.  An atom bomb, once detonated destroys everything near the epicentre.  Similarly, if you let hate enter your heart, which is also the epicentre of your soul or spirit, it will destroy everything that is near you and its repercussions will be felt far away.   Like an atom bomb, hate will destroy and tear your soul apart.   Why do we hate?  What is it we are afraid of??  Haters hate other people because of their race, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation or appearance.  Do they hate because they are scared or fearful?   Do they fear inferior??  Each of us belongs to planet Earth.  Everyone has a right to existence, irrespective of their origin, colour, caste, race or appearance.  We are all children of Mother Earth.   We breathe same air and bleed same colour blood.  Our destination is the same.   We are souls, we are light, pure and indestructible!   No one will benefit from hate.  Hate damages the soul of the hater and the ones they hate!   If a rock is thrown in a quiet motionless pond, it causes ripple effect.  Similarly, hate is like an explosion of vibrations, sending ripples of negative energies throughout the universe.  Some of the hate vibrations are so strong, if you are standing next to someone who carries hate in their heart, you will feel physically sick.  That is because the negative energies emitted from their heart are causing atomic explosions and destructing your vibrations.  Do not let this happen.  Do not give them the opportunity to make you feel sick.  Protect your soul and energies.  Close your eyes, imagine sun – a big massive ball of fire, emitting warmth and light, dissipating darkness.   You are the sun.  Nothing can destroy you.  You are the creation of the Creator.  You are a spirit, brighter than all the suns and stars in the universe.  You are mightier than the mightiest object in the universe.  Do not be afraid.  Do not fear.  Fear is a choice.

The best way to tackle someone who hates is by loving them.  If you confront a sick child, won’t you automatically smile at him/her?  Similarly, a hater is a soul who has not evolved and is like an immature child.  Feel compassion for them and have some empathy.  They are scared.  They have chosen to be fearful.  Send them love and light.  Fragrance from one rose can spread its scent in an entire garden full of dead flowers.  Light of one candle can light up a big empty dark hall.  Not only it spreads light, but it can also light hundreds of other candles too!  Be like that candle.  Shine and spread your light.  Generate so much of love that it will spread your fragrance in an entire garden filled with dead flowers.  Be a lover, a gentle, kind and loving soul.  Our purpose of birth is to live, love and learn.  So why choose to be a hater?


Dictionary defines home as a place where one lives permanently.  However, as souls or spirits, is planet Earth our permanent home?  I have struggled with the definition of home.  I was born in a Sikh family who migrated to Bengal from Punjab during India-Pakistan partition in 1947.  My grandfather managed to escape bloodshed and atrocities of the most violent event in the history of India.  He came to Calcutta with his pregnant wife and dreams.  He got a job, worked hard, rented a small apartment and called Calcutta his home.  I was born in Calcutta.  Being a Punjabi dissent and living in Calcutta was an interesting experience.  It is a mix of emotions- fear, alienation, isolation, curiosity and the want to be accepted in a different culture.  Often I was abused by local Bengali people to go back to Punjab.  Fear became adverse after Prime Minister Mrs. Gandhi was assassinated by Sikhs.  I looked different from Bengali people.  I am more taller, fairer and stronger.  Bengali people are usually short, dark and skinny.  I lived in Calcutta for 21 years, but I never felt at home.  I didn’t have much in common with Bengali people.  We have too many differences and too little in common – clothes, food and even our languages are from worlds apart.  I struggled to understand the real meaning of home.  Home is where the heart is and my heart was definitely not there!   Citizens of the same country, we were so different.

At 21, I came to Australia as a student.  Australia and India are worlds apart- culturally, economically and we are also rivals in the game of Cricket!  I have lived 20 years in Australia.  My life in Australia as a migrant has been an interesting journey.  I came in 1997, the peak of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.   One of her political agenda was to make Australia a white only country.  She wanted to kick Asians, browns, blacks or anyone who is a non-white out of Australia.   There was a subtle atmosphere of hatred towards non-whites back then.  That year, I got beaten up by a mob of young white men.  The subtle form of racism I experienced growing up in India eventuated into a harsh reality of life in Australia.  I started driving taxi in Melbourne to support my University fees.  Driving a taxi was an exposure into Australian life.  I met people from all kinds of backgrounds, including race, cultural and socio-economic.  I dealt with two kinds of people – the good and the bad.  One thing I learned, for one bad person there are 10 good people!  Most Australians were very friendly, kind and accommodating.  There were handful of arrogant and abusive people, but majority of its population is generous and compassionate.  It’s been 20 years since I have lived here.  My wife is Australian, so are my children.  All my friends are Australians.  I live and work here.  I have finally understood what it feels to be like at home.  We have come from different backgrounds, but we call this beautiful country our home.  We look different, speak different languages, wear different clothes, eat different food, but we breathe the same fresh air.  We have a lot in common.  We are learning to be compassionate, loving, kind, decent and spiritual human beings.  This is our “karma bhoomi” or the place of action.  Australia is not my motherland, but being here feels like a hug from a loving mother.   Let us pray for peace and forgive ones who deserve forgiveness.  Let’s open arms and welcome others who are living in places where there is war, poverty, bloodshed and hatred.  Let’s love and care.  Let’s rise and follow our spiritual destination.  Let’s be decent human beings – let’s be Australian.


Who am I?

Since childhood, I have always wondered about the purpose and meaning of my existence.  It is not just my existence which I find intriguing, but also existence of the Supreme soul, called with different names – God, Allah, Almighty, Waheguru, Krishna…  What is God and where does he/she lives?  Does God lives somewhere in the Universe, or the Universe is a form of God?  Is God a soul, like I am?   Am I a part of God, or is God a part of who I am?  Does God has feelings or a heart beating?

What is God and where does he/she lives?  Is God a male or a female like us??  As a human, we live on Earth.  Does God live in a different planet?  If so, how does God watches over more than 7 billion people on Earth??   Sometimes I wonder if are living the matrix.  What if we were computer programs installed on a Super computer called God?  I find this concept so interesting, as well as intriguing.  It’s a quest… a spiritual destination.  All I have is handful of questions but no answers.  It’s like looking at a drop of water, but questioning the existence of entire ocean.  The whole comparison has made me feel small.  One scientist estimated that there are  approximately 7.5 x 1000000000000000000 grains of sand.  I feel I am one out of seven Quintilian grains of sand.

Whether God lives in a temple or resides in heart, I am following the quest.  I hope I am following the true path.